Being so busy with both Facebook and Instagram is obviously making it hard for me to remember to write at this blog at least once per month, sorry 'bout that. 

2016 is exciting for us. Both me as a model and for our band. We released the album in April 2015, and it was well received by both magazined and by you, our amazing followers. We're so happy about that. 

We also ended our business with our record label and is now looking forward. No hard feelings, and we're still friends. We're working on new material already and we're also planning some upcoming gigs. 

Can't wait to see what this year brings. 2015 was successfull, let's make this year even better. 
Here's a new band pic and modeling picture for you. Don't forget to follow us on both Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. We're working even harder with social medias this year and I'm happy to tell you that we recently reached over 10 000 followers on Facebook and still counting. Become a member of the ELEINE-team as well and like us on FB ♥

This is my top I wear on stage, it's especially made by the amazing designer Deadly Seams! Check. Her. Out.
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